From space conception to implementation and management, Office Society offers innovative services, making use of selected suppliers who have all the necessary ingredients to create a fluid and advanced workplace experience.

Concept, positioning strategy and site design with an approach aimed at enhancing the workspace with the purpose of efficiency, innovation and hospitality.

In the case of large properties, the space is designed and structured to allow the presence of multiple users with innovative and shared services (coworking, flex offices, event and clubhouse spaces).

Only technological innovation and digital technologies can help create a new hybrid, efficient and productive working model.

Office Society makes use of technologies, policies and processes for the optimal use of common spaces, to automate access, ensure personal and cybersecurity and support hospitality and the booking of meeting rooms, workplaces and parking.

For each property OS selects the ideal “people partner”, whether this is a Flex space manager, or a facility management company with competent staff to respond to every user need (reception, customer care, cleaning, food service, meetings, coworking management or events).

Development of a marketing strategy plan which integrates market analysis and mapping, definition of competitive brand positioning and use of necessary tools -marketing mix – to achieve set value creation objectives.

Personalization of space with furnishings and decorative elements which provide character and identity to the room. Details that create an attractive work aesthetic, helping to generate a sense of belonging for users and enhancing brand image.

An innovative format that enables multi-tenancy management which is in tune with evolving work scenarios > improves the representation of the property and creates workplace experience.

A space for work and exchange, usually on the ground floor of the building, with a hub of functions and services: hospitality, meetings, events, food service and informal work. The configuration of the format generates efficiency for the tenants through the adoption of tools and processes such as outsourced reception, consumer spaces, integrated technologies and à la carte services.

A support service for companies that comes from twenty years of experience in the sector.

Our team is available to management throughout the entire decision-making process:

  • we listen to the needs of the customer, helping them to find the ideal office solution among the growing variety of offerings on the market;
  • we look for and select the best opportunities from our vast portfolio of offices, including several “off-market” spaces;
  • we negotiate for our clients and, thanks to our partnerships, are able to obtain the best possible outcome.

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