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Technological innovation key to new hybrid work

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The pandemic has spurred a shift to hybrid work, thanks to technological advances, but  is this a model that is here to stay? What remains undisputed is that technological innovation has enabled employees, even in the mortgage industry, to adopt a new hybrid office model more widely. The mortgage professionals at Skipton International, for example, use technology to work remotely.

Jim Coupe, managing director of Skipton International, explains that the idea that mortgage professionals could, or should, work from home was rarely considered in the past, but COVID and a huge leap forward in the technology used to support the mortgage industry changed that. Coupe points out that a large number of staff sitting in an office is no longer a requirement for providing good customer service. Coupe went on to say that Skipton International is in the fortunate position of being able to develop mortgage products and embrace technology to meet the evolving needs of its borrowers worldwide.

A few years ago Skipton International completed the launch of its online approval technology. Prior to that, initial customer inquiries were face-to-face or by phone, often involving a lot of paper use. Through the use of this technology and by quickly bringing all the information together in one place, Skipton International improved efficiency, allowing applicants to know, in just a few clicks, how much they could borrow and the associated monthly repayment costs.

Foto di Luis Villasmil da UnsplashThe boom in video conferencing during the pandemic has also taught the market to function in a new way. Previous requirements for direct mortgage applications on paper and posted in a mailbox were challenged – a new way of working was put into motion and online video verification was created. In this global era of technological breakthroughs, Coupe assures us that the use of this technology is here to stay.

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